Hori-senpai with bangs down!

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miracles weekday 03 » favorite gom member

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miracles weekday 03 » favorite gom member

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Our babies being normal teenagers for once (◡‿◡✿)

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Unreleased Song-snippet from episode 11

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Why Naruto is the anime what it is: 

  • It reflects what many people have felt about their life : people from the past that are always current . The past is present. 
  • Huge variety of characters with which one can identify.
  • Great discursive and semiotic power.
  • Aristotle advised using the cathartic effect of theater: because he didn’t know Naruto.

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”The curse of the Uchiha clan”

It's sad, you never knew the taste of good ramen ...or what it felt like to kiss a girl

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You like her, don’t you ? Don’t give up…

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Tsukishima’s dumb, cute laugh from the latest drama cd track